Grab the opportunity to capture memories that you will treasure for a lifetime. The one thing you can’t replace is your memories. Don’t let them fade away from overexposure. I capture the moments that matter and relive the experience every day.

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If you are exclusively nursing, that is perfectly fine. We can take as many breaks as we need to keep your newborn calm. Also, a pacifier is a great way to soothe the baby during the session, so please bring one if your baby takes one.

My studio is kept at a balmy 80-85 degrees to keep babies comfortable for the session, as they will be nude for most of it. So feel free to dress in layers or dress light.

I will play white noise during your session to mimic the sounds of the womb. There will be accidents on my props, and I am perfectly fine with that. Almost every newborn I photograph does have an accident on my backdrops. I’m not a modest person at all, and keep on rolling. So please don’t worry about that.

A typical newborn session will last between 1 and 2 hours, allowing plenty of time for feeding. I will provide & include all props, multiple settings & background changes to give you a variety of images to choose from

Ideal Age: The best time to photograph your newborn is before two weeks of age while still in that sleepy and curly stage.After two weeks of age, they tend to be easily disturbed while sleeping.

They can also become colicky, or baby acne can start to flare.We still offer to do newborns after two weeks but encourage them before two weeks old.

Check with me if the baby is older, and I can give full details.

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